• Application Form

    To apply for water service this application needs to be completed, along with a Right of Way Easement form, before water service can be approved by our board of Directors.

    This application and the Right of way easements needs to be returned to our office located at 108 south 4th Street, Elmwood, NE 68349

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  • Automatic Withdrawal

    Dear Customer,

    For those interested in automatic withdrawal, we will need a voided check from you along with the signed authorization printed below. We encourage you to take advantage of this convenient and cost saving service.

    You will receive a postcard billing like everyone else which will indicate the amount that will be withdrawn from your account by the 5th of every month.

    It takes about two weeks for processing the authorization in order to implement the automatic withdrawal, so please allow us this time before expecting the automatic withdrawal.

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  • Right of Way Easement

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  • Benefit Unit Certificate

    Please let us know you are moving!

    The following information is needed:

    * Date of closing so that a final meter read can be completed.
    * Forwarding address to send your final bill, and a completed benefit until certificate signed by both seller and buyer.
    * The signed benefit unit certificate needs to be sent to our office at 108 South 4th Street, PO BOX 195 Elmwood, NE 68349, or email ccrwd2hogue@gmail.com
    * The final bill must be paid in full, and a $40.00 transfer fee paid by new owner before transfer of service can be completed.

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