Water Outage 10/20/21 9:00 am.

10-19-2021 14:11:27

Cass Rural water will have a outage tomorrow 10/20 around 9 am for the area West of Woodland Hills along C rd. The crew will be working hard to restore water to all customers ASAP. A section of water main East of 2 Rd has to be moved for the Otoe Co. road paving project.

Scheduled water main shut down on C Rd.

08-24-2021 14:52:48

Due to the Otoe County Road Paving project Cass County Rural Water #2 has to move our water main. In order to do this the water will need to be shut off and turned back on multiple times over the next month. The District will do its best to limit the number of shutoffs, but when moving 31 water services and over one mile of water main it is going to happen. We appologize in advance and hope that most of the shutoffs will be scheduled and announced. Some of the shutoffs could possibly happen in an emergency as well. The first of these scheduled shutoffs will be on Thursday 8/26/21. Thank you for your understanding.

Water Main Damage Repair 12-16-19

12-16-2019 15:19:17

A company installing fiber-optic lines on 148th street damaged our water main at approximately 11:30 am on 12-16-19. The main was repaired by 3:00pm and the water is back on to the area that had to be shut off to make the repair. Thank you for your patience while the repair was being made.

Written Notice Of Cancellation of Benefit Unit and Water Service

08-20-2019 12:34:08

Cass County Rural Water District #2 Customer,

This is written notice that at it’s July 2019 board meeting the Cass County Rural Water District #2 Board of Directors approved the cancelation and meter pit removal of the water services (benefit units), meters and associated pits, for any water services with non-usage and non-payments of the required monthly minimum charge.  The reasons cited for removal of those water services which are not used include: long term capacity shortages, maintenance issues and potential health hazards associated with dormant meter pits. The district has compiled a list of the disconnected and non-used water services and is sending written notification to all customers on this list.

The Board decided to give this written notification of cancellation and meter pit removal with a time allowance for the customers to begin immediate minimum monthly payments for these water services. The time frame being allowed to all affected customers is one month from the date of notification or at the end of the billing cycle following that one month allowance. At the expiration of this one month allowance all rights to the water service (benefit unit) will be canceled and removal of the meter pit will be scheduled by the District. 

If a customer receiving this notice elects to keep this water service the customer will be required to pay a reconnection fee of $600 and begin payment of the monthly minimum payment to keep this service active. If no point of use (hydrant/faucet) exists at the water service location the customer will be required to install a yard hydrant at the customers expense on or before November 1, 2019. This will allow the District to flush the service line and perform maintenance as necessary to maintain the integrity of the water system. Failure to install a yard hydrant/faucet by November 1st deadline will result in the cancellation of the water service.

Rule #15 quoted below is the current rule found in the districts rules and regulations.

15. Non-Usage

Non-usage of water from the system, even though the minimum payment is met, constitutes a right for the District to withdraw the Benefit Unit from the Subscriber if other users have need for the additional water or if other Applicants have need for the water which is available through the capacity of the system. In the case of such non-usage, the Benefit Unit will not be withdrawn until after written notification from the Board.

Customer Responsibility to Transfer Water Service

08-20-2019 12:31:57

Responsibility of Customer

It shall be the responsibility of the customer for all payments on the monthly account.  The customer and holder of a Benefit Unit (sometimes referred to as “Water User”) is responsible for a timely notification of the Water District of the intent to transfer ownership of the customers Benefit Unit.  Failure to make timely payments and provide appropriate notice of pending transfer of a Water Benefit, may result in additional charges to the Water User (as described below).

District procedure for transfer of water service: (for sale of property)

Customer must give the District a date for a final meter read.

On the date for final meter read the District will read the meter and turn off the water service. ( unless the Application for Transfer has been filed with the District for the new customer. )

If water service is turned off at the time of the final meter read, a $100 fee will be assessed to the new Water User to turn the service back on at that location. ($50 trip charge for shut off $50 for reconnect)

If the current owner of record doesn’t notify District of sale of property that owner remains responsible for water usage until the District is notified and final meter read is done, and at this time if no new owner has filed for water service the water will be shut off. 

Before the water service can be reconnected the account must be made current.

If a new owner notifies the district of change of property ownership and the Application for transfer is not filed in 5 business days water service will be shut off at that location. ($50 trip charge for shut off $50 for reconnect)

A Transfer of Water Service fee of $45 will be assessed when Application for Transfer is received by the District 

Rule #16 quoted below is the current rule found in the Districts Rules and Regulations.

16. Change of Occupancy

It shall be the Consumer’s responsibility to anticipate changes of occupancy, and to have the Benefit Unit and additional water supply unit(s) transferred to the new Consumer as prescribed in the By-Laws. Until the Benefit Unit is formally transferred, the original holder shall be responsible for payment for the services. All charges levied against a Benefit Unit must be paid before the Benefit Unit can be transferred, or service resumed where there has been a suspension.

Water Main Break

08-15-2019 15:13:12

On Thursday, August 15th, we experienced a line break. Customers in the area of the line break may have experienced low or no water pressure. As of 2:45 pm the line has been repaired and we are now pressurizing and flushing the line. You may experience air in the line for the next few hours. This is a normal occurrence after a line repair. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us through the website or call the office 7:00 am to 3:00 pm at 402-994-2555. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Eagle, Ne Boil Water Notice ( DOES NOT ) affect Cass Rural Water #2 customers

08-12-2019 22:33:26

The district office has been receiving some calls about the boil water notice in Eagle, NE. This alert does not affect any Cass County Rural Water District #2 customers.