Reminder to all of our customers please follow the watering schedule below. If our water usages continues to go up further restrictions may be necessary in the future. Please help the district and all of your neighbors by conserving our limited resource. Thank you for your cooperation.
Watering Restriction Schedule
Effective May 1st through November 1st
Odd/Even Water is Mandatory
Odd = Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Even = Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
No Watering on Mondays
1st offense = Written Warning
2nd offense = $250 fine paid within 30 days or 3rd offense enacted
3rd offense = $500 dollar fine and water shut off until fines are paid in full.

Cass Rural Water #2 is happy to announce we are now offering paperless billing contact us today to get started!

If you sell your property please notify the district office @ (402) 994-2555 so the service can be transferred to the new owner. If we are not notified you will be responsible for the water usage until we are notified and the paper work is filed. Thank you



Please inform us if you are selling your property so we can get ownership of the water transferred to the new owners.


New 10” transmission main from the well house to Adams Street


New Rural Water Manager January 1 2019


Cass County Rural Water District No.2 has proudly served the Members of the District for the last 49 years.


Rural Water office 402-994-2555